Jumbo yarn MERINO MAXI (used) 2,415 kg /5,3 Lb. - Clearance Sale

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Used jumbo yarn Merino Maxi on Clearance Sale. We are clearing our stock of odd skeins and sample skeins and this chunky yarn is sold with a discount 50%. Hand spun...

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Used jumbo yarn Merino Maxi on Clearance Sale.

We are clearing our stock of odd skeins and sample skeins and this chunky yarn is sold with a discount 50%.

Hand spun from a soft merino wool roving, felted for stability, this jumbo yarn knits up quickly and is ideal for creating chunky pieces. Perfect for chunky knitted beanies, cowls and scarves, sweaters and cardigans, blankets and many other interior design items. Can be used for creative projects in chunky macramé, weaving and tapestry.

NOTE: The yarn was previously used for knitting samples on photos. But it is in a good condition. It could be more tight than new yarn. You will get exactly the yarns that are in the photo.

  • Weight - the yarn lot is 2,415 kg (5,3 Lb.) totally and consists of 4 big balls in blue color. For example, this amount is enough to make a sweater, cardigan or a medium size blanket.
  • Fiber- 100% pure extra-fine merino wool 18,5 microns (Italy)
  • Meterage - 100-120 m per 1 kg
  • Weight category - Jumbo Yarn
  • Thickness of the yarn - approx. 1-1,5 cm. Slightly irregular thickness may occur as our jumbo knitting yarn was totally handmade.
  • Needles recommended: 20 mm (US 35) for beanies and rather tight knitting, 25 mm (US 50) are universal needles for scarves/sweaters/blankets, 30-35 mm are recommended for blankets.
  • Average tension: 3 stitches + 5 rows / 4 inches (ca. 10 cm). One stitch = approximately 3 cm.

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Yarn Details
Yarn Details

Our jumbo yarn is 100% handmade. It is hand-spun from 100 % extra fine merino wool 18,5 microns from Italy. It is the best and premium merino quality in a market known for its extra softness and silkiness. It is a single ply, popular roving type yarn with a slight twist. Merino yarn goes through all necessary stages from fiber preparation to a spinning on a spinning wheel and washing to make it lightly felted. This helps to fix the form of the yarn and get smooth textured surface with a unique look and soft feel. It allows knitwear to be more practical, prevents pilling and shedding. It is easier to knit with lightly felted yarn than with unfelted wool.

Merino Wool Origin and Certifications
  • Extra fine merino wool tops used to the production of our yarn come from both Australia and South America and are carefully selected in Italian factory to ensure constant quality over time.
  • Additionally, being of animal origin, the extra fine Merino wool top is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  • All lots are MULESING FREE. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is done in a dyeinghouse in Italy which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified.
Knitting Recommendations
Knitting needles recommendations
  • 20 mm (US 35) for hats, beanies and rather tight knitting as well.
  • 25 mm (US 50) are universal needles for scarves, snoods, cardigans, sweaters, blankets etc.
  • 30-35 mm (US 60 - US 70) are recommended for loosely knitted blankets or scarves.
  • 40 mm (US 80) - for very loose knitted fabric.
How much yarn do you need
  • Headbands - 150-200 grams
  • Beanies - 200-250 grams for brimless beanie, 250-400 grams for beanies with turned-up brim and / or pompom
  • Snoods - 300-500 grams
  • Scarves - 800 grams - 1kg. 1,3 kg kg for extra long scarf.
  • Sweaters - 1,7-2,4 kg
  • Cardigans - 2-3 kg usually. 1,2-1,5 kg for short cardigan, jacket
  • Pillow 40x40 cm - approx. 500 grams
Blankets recommendations:

1 kg skein makes approx. 75x75 cm and knits in 2-3 hours. Knit loosely (using minimum 25 mm needles) to get the best result.

24x40 inches (60x100 cm) - 1 kg
30x63 inches (75x160 cm) - 2 kg
50x 60 inches (127x152 cm) - 3 kg
50x70 inches (127x177 cm) - 4 kg
55x83 inches (140x210 cm) - 5 kg
56x96 (142x243 cm) - 6 kg

  • Tender hand wash is possible for small items (beanie, scarf, cowl). Cool water, no agitation, lay flat to dry.
  • Specialized dry cleaning is recommended once a season for big pieces (sweaters, blankets).
  • Washing machine is also possible (using cold water only, delicate/wool cycle, without agitation, air dry only). But note that washing in a machine will make yarn thinner, harder to touch, some softness will be lost.