How to knit a chunky hat?

How to knit a super chunky hat?

Level: Easy
Time to Complete: 1-2 hours
Needles: 20 mm (US 36) сcircular needles

You will need:

300 grams of a jumbo yarn (MERINO MAXI by Knit Design Studio)
1 pair of 20 mm (US 36) circular knitting needles

Gauge: 10 cm = 4 stiches, 10 сm = 6 rows

  1. Cast on 16 stitches
  2. 1-15 rows. Knit  16 stiches in a stocking stitch in the round. That means that after cast-on do not turn around and continue knit all stiches until 15 rows. Make sure there is no twist when connecting in the round.
  3. Connect the second color if you knit in two colors. Tie the ends of a yarn together or use the felting and sewing needle for seamless connection.
  4. Row 16. Knit 2 stiches together until the end. You will get 8 stiches on your needles.
  5. Row 17. Knit 8 stiches
  6. Cut the yarn leaving 10 cm tail. Pull the yarn through the loops and fasten it.

Finishing: Weave in the ends (use felting needles if desired). No blocking necessary.

Enjoy your warm and super chunky hat! 

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