Our office is our space of creativity!


Our office is the place where you can do the following:

  1.  See all our yarns and colors
  2. Try knitting with our yarn
  3. Choose and buy yarns or ready made knitted hats, blankets..
  4. Pick up your order.

Please, note, that our office is not a shop or show-room. To visit us, please phone us.

We are located by the adress: 13 Evgeniya Sverstyuka Street, Office 1009. It’s necessary to make an appointment and agree on a date and time in advance. Our office is not a shop which is open to the public and so there isn’t always someone available to follow visitors. For this reason it’s essential to make an appointment to avoid coming here but then not being able to access the warehouse and buy our products.

Usual office hours: from Monday to Friday (10.00-17.00) and by arrangement. Please phone or write (sms or viber) in advance +380503907184.