Super chunky knit blanket

Super chunky knit blanket.  Chunky blanket is hand knitted from a giant wool yarn of our own production. The yarn is hand spun from an extra fine merino wool 18,5 microns from Italy. Super cozy and stylish. Also the hand knit blanket could be an excellent gift, baby bed throw blanket, chair, sofa or bed throw. 

This garment is hand knitted to order and will ship in 5-7 business days.​

Choose from more than 60 colors. The chunky blanket may be knitted also in 2 or 3 colors. Please, leave a note about this.
Lightly felted hand-spun yarn made from 100 % extra fine merino wool 18,5 mc (Italy origin)
The thickness of a blanket
Approx 5 cm (2 inches)
Yarn details
For the production of our giant yarn we use only 18,5 microns 100 % extra fine merino wool from Italy. It is the best and premium merino quality in a market. It is extra soft and silky.
Also yarn is lightly felted to fix its form. It allows knitwear to be more practical, avoid pilling and shedding. But still it remains very soft and very pleasant to the touch.
30'' x 50'' (80 cm x 125 cm)
2,4 kg
40'' x 60'' (100 cm x 150 cm)
3,6 kg
50'' x 70'' (130cm x 180 cm)
5,6 kg
60'' x 80'' (150 cm x 200 cm)
7 kg
The weight can differ a little. Due to the design the blanket can stratchen +/- 10%. 
Specialized dry cleaning is recommended once a season for big pieces.
Tender hand wash is possible for small items. Cool water, no agitation, lay flat to dry.
Washing machine is also possible (using cold water only, delicate/wool cycle, without agitation, air dry only). But note that washing in a machine will make yarn thinner, harder to touch, some softness will be lost.
Giant handspun yarn MERINO MAXI - 300g
100% merino wool 18,5 microns 300 g (10,6 oz.) ≈36 m (40 yd.) Yarn weight 7 / Jumbo yarn 70 colors
$ 28.50
25 mm (US 50) Circular Knitting Needles
100% ash-tree wood Length 60-150 cm available
TIRAMISSU Chunky Knit Blanket
100% merino wool 18,5 microns (Italy) 70 colors
$ 170