Knit Design Studio

Creating beautiful chunky yarn and knitted creations
Knit Design Studio is a Ukrainian brand that has been creating beautiful, high-quality chunky yarn and knitted designs since 2015. The brand is known for its attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. With a passion for the art of knitting, Knit Design Studio has been able to produce unique chunky yarns and stylish knitwear that stand out in a crowd.

Craftsmanship and quality in every skein

Uniqueness and aesthetics in every stitch

Modern knitting should be easy, super cozy and relaxing art for contemporary people!
Inspired by the possibility to create beautiful stylish things combining with a relaxing effect of knitting a new era chunky yarn was designed. The main achievement of Knit Design Studio is the formula of excellent quality chunky yarn. The trend of extreme knitting using unspun roving wool was very popular for the last few years. It is very unusual, giant, with huge sticks, excellent for nice photos but not for every day practical usage. Our purpose was to combine the softness and extra-ordinary look of the unspun wool with a practicality.
The chunky yarn created by Knit Design Studio is hand spun and lightly felted. These are two characteristics that make it unique. They allow yarn to be more practical, avoid pilling and breaking. But still it remains soft and very pleasant. It is easier to knit with it. The material used for chunky yarn is only high-quality wool (extra fine merino) from Italian factory. It is only 18,5 microns. Thanks to this it is very soft, silky and super cozy. Today we produce chunky merino yarn of different weight and thickness to make different knitting projects. A wide color palette from plain to melange shades, 100% wool or a luxurious blend of merino with silk.
The next step was to offer ready made knitwear for those who do not want to knit themselves at the moment. But for those who want to feel the luxurious touch of fashionable cozy merino knitwear. We are constantly working on the collection of warm extra-ordinary clothes, homewear and accessories. Knitting kits of different levels is our todays priority. You will get all you need to create your masterpiece by yourself. And at the same time we follow the principles that your knitting should be easy, quick and super cozy.